Japan’s finest early-modern port town, Tomonoura is a tapestry of history
and culture old and new interwoven with daily life

Governor of Hiroshima

Hidehiko Yuzaki

Hiroshima City , Hiroshima Prefecture

Have you ever considered joining the“Tomo: Hitokuchi Machikatashu” Assistance Project?

This is Hidehiko Yuzaki, governor of Hiroshima.

Tomonoura has prospered as a port where people wait for the turn of the tide since ancient times, and was mentioned in "Manyoshu". Even now, port facilities from the Edo Period [Joyato, Hato [wharfs], Gangi [piers], Funabansho, Tadeba [boat repair stations]], the mansions of wealthy merchants, traditional tradesman's houses, and shrine and temple architecture remain, and they come together to pass on the historic scenery of the Setouchi port town.

The Prefecture is working together with Fukuyama City to pass down the historic scenery of Tomonoura, which the people have passed down and protected generation after generation, to future generations as a place to live through the“Tomo: Hitokuchi Machikatashu” Assistance Project, which aids community development in Tomo through donations.

You may not have heard the word "Machikata" before; it is a word that was primarily used to refer to village people in the Edo Period. We are using this word to express our desire for everyone to join us in our support for community development in Tomo through donations and become our “Machikata”.

Your donations will be used to support the townscape of Tomo, the efforts in protecting the historic landscape, and the efforts in passing down traditional culture that are being undertaken by the residents of the Tomo region and Fukuyama City.

I ask you to give your support and become a “Tomo: Hitokuchi Machikata.